About Us

Dental Billing Company

Dental billing was created by a dental team with a track reputation for excellence in dental billing. Our purpose is to assist other practices in implementing and/or improving their billing procedures. For many years, we've leaped the barriers and navigated the seas. We can work with your team to eliminate the need for you to reinvent the wheel.
Our information and systems are based on tried and tested experience – systems that we use every day. We've discovered what works! These are the one-of-a-kind systems that Successcully employs on a daily basis. We've assisted countless practices around the country, and we'd love to assist yours.

Lack of ability to assist your patients with their dental insurance advantages frequently results in thousands of dollars in rejected treatment plans. Many offices are unaware of the unpaid, underpaid, unsubmitted, and refused medical insurance benefits that are available to them. We can assist you in filling that gap in a way that benefits both the patient and the practice. We believe in alternatives, and we offer excellent solutions for your business. Whether you want your team to learn and perfect the profession of medical billing for dentistry, or you want us to manage your dental billing needs, we believe in options. Please contact us as soon as possible!

dental billing company