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Our Dental Billing Service includes the employees at your clinic opening all mail, collecting all payments, and making all deposits on your behalf.

All of our customers sees a significant increase in the amount of money they bring in within as little as three months.

Because of the increased revenue generated by our services, the cost of providing Dental Billing Services is more than adequately covered.

There are NO binding agreements for extended periods of time to sign.

You and the contractors will enter into month-to-month contracts for all of the services that you request.

We are of the opinion that the current billing employees at your company would be better utilized in another capacity.

They need to prioritize completing more tasks while also devoting more attention to each individual patient.
Because of this, the likelihood of your patients agreeing to the treatment options that you recommend will significantly increase.

If you make use of the Dental Billing Services, there will be no need for you to hire anybody to fill a vacant job in your business.